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Other Fan Stuff

The Ballad of Couch Dog

Listen children and you shall hear

A tale of epic nobility

This is a story of a character of legend

And her canine responsibility

Couch Dog was born like you or I

But in a galaxy far away

She came to this world to fight crime

And to sleep during the day

Her coat was shiny her face was lean

And her stride was mighty proud

And should anyone come to your door

She can bark really loud

Now there is much evil in this land

You can be sure of that

And wherever there is a do-gooding dog

There is usually an ill-mannered cat

Stool cat was born a lowly being

Struggling to make it by

It had nothing in the way of family

I swear that this is no lie

Stool cat lived on a stool

That was located in a bar

It aspired for greater things

But never made it very far

One day it saw a dog fighting thugs

And saving a helpless man

It coveted the power the dog held

And so it hatched a devious plan

It lured Couch Dog to its bar

With a fib of victims in need

It trapped our poor hero in a cage

And its eyes grew red with greed

Couch Dog you fool you have met your end

For I will steal your power

Your crime fighting days will come to a close

Within the end of the next hour

Couch Dog howled and struggled

But it seemed to be in vain

The bars were too tough and the trap to strong

To win her freedom again

But that's when Couch Dog heard them all

Her adoring fans in the chat

They were cheering her on and chanting for her

To beat that nasty old cat

So she focused her strength and gave it her all

She dug a mighty hole

And did she do this you may ask

Well, she did a barrel roll

Couch dog was free and it was not long

Before she cornered the fiend now cowering on its stool

"You thought you could best me, but you bet wrong,

It seems, Stool Cat, that you are the fool."

Couch Dog delivered the cat to jail

Our tale has found an end

The day was saved and all was well

And Zoe went from hero to legend

So worry not all young and old

Our safety is in good hands

For that brilliant bark and that sacred howl

Shall always echo through our lands

Mark Garcia, MS

Chair Guy eats epic bananas and crosses his leg.
Everybody loves him, They all beg!

Shirt Guy had an epic shirt.
In the games, he would never get hurt.

Slouch Guy used to slouch.
Now he keeps inspirational posters in a pouch.

Couch Dog has no words awesome enough to describe her.
Seriously. She's too cool. You better concur.

Blanket Girl has a blanket and corresponds.
She helps people in chat, creates binds.

Together they unite to form, THE MARIO MARATHON MEN!

- Henry Myers

Haiku and Limerick Poems

Matt Hayden
Zoee, couch dog
She gives us moral support
And barks loudly

Zoey is the best
Couch Dog is who she still is
She is a doggy

Dale Whitaker
couch dog is the best.
she loves to fly around the sky.
we love her so much.

Alex Gornicki
Couch Dog is asleep.
If someone should near the door,
She will awaken.

Alex Gornicki
The cleaning was tough.
The paint was everywhere.
Sprayed it all to Hell.

Sean Gonzalez
Mario is fun.
Mario can run.
Mario raises funds for kids.
Mario is done.

Mario once went on vacation
To a nice exotic location
He ended up framed
Ended up defamed
Too bad he has no explanation.

Alan Shea
What's with all the death?
Mario keeps falling off.
Please stop losing!

Cody Hast
it took you an hour
to beat the king bowser
Mario 64

Tom Acker
On Ustream I see
Alas, Three guys just like me
Jump Mario! Jump!

suit guy with chair guy
slouch girl and slough guy slouching
and the baby cries

Luke DeSmet
Zoe eyes Chair Guy.
Tornado approaches: Run!
Quiet; the baby screams.

Ross Lancaster
Blanket Girl is awesome.
Zoey is the best dog ever!
Keep on playing guys!

Benjamin Paulson
Places without the Fludd
Mean a lot of fun for you
But are hard to beat.

Reverend Ted

Wanting your haiku
On MarioMarathon?
Don't use Chat - E-mail.

Two guys have the hats
One guy has the mushroom shirt
All three have huge hearts

Coins, stars, shines, and bits
Three men collect all of these
And money for kids

Mario Sunshine
Was total torture to watch
Glad it wasn't me

Your Fifteen Minutes
Of fame can last fifty hours
Just keep on dying

Money for Child's Play
Piling Higher and Higher
Each time Bowser falls