Announcing Mario Marathon 2!

The Mario Marathon team is pleased to announce plans for a followup to last year's Mario Marathon charity event. Beginning July 11th, 2009 at 9:00 ET the Mario Marathon crew will adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom on a quest to rescue the Princess while raising money for the Child's Play Charity

Last year saw the team raise over $11,000 and achieving platinum sponsor level at Child's Play. Thank you to everyone who watched. We hope to see you again this year.

Check back over the coming months for lots of exciting updates!

The marathon starts again in


The Mario Marathon wrapped up at 2:42 pm on Sunday June, 29th. Our viewers contributed over $11,000 dollars to the Child's Play Charity. Following the event John and I continued playing through Mario Galaxy collecting 120 stars and unlocking Luigi at 12:32 am on Monday June, 30th.

Thank you to everyone who watched us, contributed, sent in fan art, poems, e-mails, moderated chat, brought us food, and everyone else who helped out. More complete lists of thank yous

Kristin Lindsay, Child's Play Project Manager, wrote in...

To Team Mario Marathon and everyone who supported and donated,

Thank you all so much for making the Super Mario Marathon a huge success. Not only was almost $10,800 raised (it's still climbing!), but we really got to see how the gaming community pulled together to support the team and make it all possible. We loved the video stream, we loved the chat, we loved the fan art!

The money raised will make a huge impact in the Child's Play partner hospitals. When gamers give back, it makes a difference! Thanks again from all of us at Child's Play.

Watch Clips from the Mario Marathon on

  Game Start Time Lives
SMB 6/27 @ 3:00 pm 6/27 @ 3:17 pm 4
SMB 2 6/27 @ 3:17 pm 6/27 @ 3:50 pm 4
SMB 3 6/27 @ 3:50 pm 6/27 @ 5:27 pm A ton
SM World 6/27 @ 5:35 pm 6/27 @ 6:23 pm 4
SM 64 6/27 @ 6:23 pm 6/28 @ 5:47 am 122
SM Sunshine 6/28 @ 6:02 am 6/28 @ 8:41 pm 127
SM Galaxy 6/28 @ 9:09 pm 6/29 @ 2:42 pm 232
Post Show
Quest for 120 Stars
6/29 @ 3:30 pm 6/30 @ 12:32 am  

Total Play Time: Approximately 57 hours